Resources-One was established in 2007 for one aim, which is developing the Egyptian Corporate Industry through developing its individuals in the HRM area. Resources-One Team believes the Human capital in Egypt has to be equipped as well as skilled with all the elements ensuring its competitive advantage to fit and compete within the globalization situation. Therefore Resources-One acts like a turnkey solution for organizations wanting to make a real different within the Industry. Effective and Measured productivity of the manpower and their abilities to achieve organizational goals starts with a strong and strategic HR Management and here comes Resources-One Role.




Nuevoways "Ibtikar AlJadid" is a young business services firm based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is active in various areas of the Pharma Industry. We help companies implement and practice innovative solutions and services to raise the qualification and conformity level to meet the regulations and best practices. We collaborate with national and international reputable consulting companies/experts to ensure the quality and competency of the services provided to the Saudi pharmaceutical companies.

Saudi Arabia


Nippur For Consultation and Training